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$10 DELIVERY On Orders 10km's from Store



We deliver, for a fee, to the following postcodes: 6006|6009|6010|6011|6012|6149|6150|6153|6154|6156|6157|6158|6159|6160|6162|6163|6164|6166 6000|6001|6003|6004|6005|6006|6007|6008|6009|6010|6011|6012|6014|6015|6016|6017|6018|6019|6020|6021| 6022|6023|6024|6025|6029|6034|6050|6051|6052|6053|6054|6055|6056|6057|6058|6059|6060|6061|6062|6063| 6064|6065|6066|6067|6076|6090|6100|6101|6102|6103|6104|6105|6106|6107|6108|6109|6110|6111|6112|6121| 6122|6147|6148|6151|6155|6161|6164|6165|6166|6167|6168|6800|6831|6832|6865|6872|6892|6900|6900|6901| 6902|6903|6904|6906|6911|6913|6914|6915|6916|697|6918|6920|6921|6922|6924|6925|6926|6929|6931|6932| 6933|6934|6935|6936|6937|6938|6941|6942|6943|6944|6945|6958|6961|6964|6967|6968|6970|6979|6980|6981| 6983|6984|6986|6987|6988|6989|6990|6991|6992|6997 If your suburb is not listed you can arrange for pick up from our retail store. Please note that Mandurah/Pinjarra delivery only occurs on a Tuesday. Please note that Margaret River/Busselton/Dunsborough deliveries only occur on a Thursday.
Yes your details are secure
This is likely due to seasonality issues. You will be advised if your item is on backorder or you will be refunded for that item.
Unfortunately we do not have a tracking functionality. However, we are looking into this.
No. However, they do require someone to be home to accept the delivery.
Yes, from our retail store. Our store is located at 258 Canning Hwy BICTON WA 6157.
Yes you can. We do our best to accommodate any issues with your order.
Unfortunately you cannot. However, we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Yes. However, you will need to contact us. You can do this via email to
Yes. However, you will need to contact us to address why your order did not come as expected. You can do this via email to
You can contact us via email to and we can discuss a redelivery when available (for no fee) or a refund.
You can contact us via email to and we will address this on a case by case basis.
You can arrange for redelivery at a later time. This will incur a redelivery fee of $5.
1. Do you leave unattended produce for self-isolating customers
Yes. This is assuming we can confirm someone is at the home at the time of delivery.

2. What is your Covid policy
We have a very strict internal COVID policy, given our staff handle food. We ensure full compliance to all COVID19 policies released by the Federal and State Government which is reviewed and managed by our HR Department.
Our products are picked and delivered fresh daily. All products undergo quality control by senior staff members.
You can cancel your order by contacting us via email
Our delivery driver will contact you when they arrive to arrange a drop off point. Alternatively you can make comments in the “ “ box when completing your order.
Can we add a comments section on checkout
You can contact our store on 08 9314 2494 or via email